The cost of Rebranding: It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg

It’s a question on many business owners’ minds as they consider whether this process is worthwhile. I have business owners come to me for quotes all the time for their rebrand and they are often pleasantly surprise when receiving my quote.

Every rebrand is different, rebranding can be a whole new logo, colour palette and identity or just a change to a logo if your business has grown but not changed too much.

Rebranding often involves a strategic plan, something I put together for my clients, why are you rebranding, who are your competitors, what message do you want your business to portray to your customers.

So… what does a typical brand identity project look like?

A typical brand identity project includes:

  • Naming and messaging
  • Logo design
  • Business collateral design (business cards, letterheads, etc)
  • marketing materials (flyers, pullup banners, etc)
  • Social media and web graphics
  • Signage

I work with my clients to create a custom package for all the design and printing they will need to rebrand. Generally, a rebrand will cost between $1200-$3000. This number can vary depending on the amount of design and printing that is needed.

Consistency is key when it comes to the success of rebranding a company. You need to filter out your old branding and make an impact. You want people to start to recognise your new brand identity whether that’s through an advertising campaign, your logo, or your position in the market.

If you do have the budget, I strongly advise you to partner with a professional like myself.

Rebranding can be risky, and this really isn’t something you want to get wrong!